Plinc™ Business

What is Plinc™ Business RETAIL?

Plinc™ Retail is a smart bundle of software designed for Small and Medium Enterprises to radically improve their business efficiency. The idea behind Plinc Retail is to provide a software that covers all aspects of an SME’s business, starting from Point of Sale (POS), Procurement, and Warehouse Management System (WMS) to Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and Human Resource Management (HRM).

Plinc™ Retail is the fruit of extensive survey conducted on 3500 retailers over a period of six months and Panacea System Ltd’s software development intel. It packages a bundle of Enterprise Grade Business Software Modules that will enable users to assimilate their data with ease and extract, and produce effective reports in a visual manner that will assist them to take critical business decisions instantly.

Who is it for?

Plinc has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of owners of SME businesses, making this software a pioneer in its kind. Plinc Retail offers its clients a website that will push the marketing reach to new horizons. It will enable clients to sought out a greater customer base and ensure enhanced information dissipation resulting in greater sales. 

Plinc Retail, with its one of a kind approach of focusing on the needs of SME owners, addresses all the complexities of doing business in Bangladesh and portrays them in a very simple and user friendly fashion. It eliminates the need of complex computer or software based training and allows users to go through the day to day business needs with ease. Plinc Retail is cost effective, elastic, mobile, consistent and offers greater control and superior security.

How was Plinc made? 

The development of Plinc was an absolute joy. We have an excellent team of highly motivated engineers and designers who spend their time in their den (or pretty much anywhere they feel comfortable, we don't have a specific working areas, you work where you feel like working) coding magic. We put high emphasis on culture and philosophy in our development process. We paste mantras on our walls and abide by them when working. Plinc Retail had its own set of mantras and codes. Plinc Retail has been made with absolute modularity in design. Our engineers made sure that every part of the application is made with pluggable and reusable components that follow similar pattern all throughout. We even came up with our own sub-framework which works as a layer on top of the main engine. It's sole purpose is to create the components following a specific guideline. This allows us to be extremely fast in creating modules and extending the system, as our engineers only need to focus on the business logic, all the boilerplate codes get generated automatically. During the making, we emphasized greatly on using the right tool for the right job, going polyglot as needed. This makes each of the core technologies we used extremely appropriate for the problem it solved and the gimmick it created. Our team of dedicated engineers spent an enormous amount of effort in ensuring that we research, develop, test and deliver on time and at the same time, keep the system flexible enough to bend according to the changing need of the market and the requirement of our valuable users. A note from the engineering department: "We left no stones unturned to ensure our clients have as much as fun using it as we had developing, designing, and maintaining it!"